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by faststeady on May 21, 2012

Asian Bookmakers and Sportsbooks have the reputation of leading the Football betting markets throughout the world. If there is a big betting move going on that throws the world betting markets into a frenzy in football, you can bet it originated in Asia.

They are renowned for their up-to-the second odds, range of matches to bet on and numerous Asian Handicap options available. They also have extremely high betting limits and in-play markets, particularly on major leagues such as the EPL and all the main European leagues.

Up until a year or so ago, holding an account at an Asian Sportsbook was pretty much imperative if you were a serious football bettor only. But in recent times, many of the Asian bookies have made genuine attempts to provide a more rounded sportsbook, and as such I recommend them to also be considered an option when betting US sports or tennis as well.

#1 Betting Site

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sbobet capture HomepageBetonline is one of the best sites to bet on boxing there is. They have solid betting limits and offer odds on a very broad range of divisions and boxing betting options. They have one of the best mobile betting sites in the world.

SBObet is a MUST have sportsbook for betting on Boxing.

There are a group of Asian books which receive their odds from the same feed, and differ only very slightly in what they offer the punter. Depending on your willingness to spread funds around, it may be worth opening accounts with one or all of 12bet, Dafabet, 138Sungame and Mansion88, as they do offer varying promotions, usually involving a percentage of cashback on turnover.

In addition to that the juice that they take can change depending on your location, as well as the sports being considered (12bet can have lower juice than 1bet which in turn has lower juice that dafabet on asian handicaps for instance, but all will offer identical odds on a correct score market).

Another consideration, already alluded to, is the issue of a welcome bonus. Whilst dafabet currently restrict their generous offer to players from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, 12bet will reward new account deposits from elsewhere also.

We currently think 138Sungame is the best option at the moment due to its attractive sign up bonus and the layout and design itself, but this can change from time to time, so opening an account at any of these particular books won’t do any harm.

All the books in this “family” set their odds from the same base book as already noted , (ibcbet which is invitation only) and marginally adjust them to suit their own niche.

Looking at tennis, whilst undoubtedly the market leaders remain pinnacle and betfair, there are those who, when betting rather than trading, prefer to avoid the lottery that is the tennis retirement rule.

188bet, as well as the other Asian sites will void all bets should a retirement occur. This in itself is not unusual, many sites settle in an identical manner, but the majority of these other sites are likely to limit your maximum stake to almost zero should you win a few bets, and whilst the Asian books have been known to occasionally limit winning punters, they do leave your the maximum bet allowable at a very healthy level.

The exception to this is 188bet. Whilst they are a good book to have an account at if you solely bet on football, particularly handicap markets, if you bet on other sports and are considered sharp, 188bet will limit you to extremely low bet amounts that makes it not worth having an account there.

The 188Sungame/dafabet/12bet trio offer a decent range of markets on tennis, slightly moreso than 188bet. Handicaps and totals are generally offered on all matches, along with individual sets, something that you are unlikely to find outside of a UK book, and as mentioned in other articles, UK books will limit winners very quickly.

With the NBA season in full swing, I would also like to mention betting basketball at Asian books. All Asian sites offer more than one handicap and under/over total line, in a similar way to pinnacle and very few other sites.

I have noticed from betting these lines extensively that, unlike pinnacle, the handicaps on each match are for some reason not automatically linked to each other – by which I mean that, should you place a large enough bet to force the -6 spread down from 2 to 1.92, the -5.5 and -6.5 will remain the same, something useful for those value hunters out there.

Finally, whilst this article is more focused on which Asian sportsbooks are best for the different sports you bet regardless of your location, if you are interested in the online sportsbetting landscape from specific countries in Asia, I recommend you check out Intense Gambling who give a more detailed outlook on the market share and popular sportsbooks suitable for different places in Asia.

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