Football betting with UK bookmakers – avoiding being limited


While the most competitive football odds on the internet are undoubtedly to be found halfway across the world in Asian markets, there can still be some benefit from keeping your money closer to home in those familiar high street friends.

Those Asian sites such as 12bet, sbobet and 188bet focus heavily on Asian handicaps and total goal football markets.  This is where the heavy money comes in from China, from Japan, from Thailand perhaps, and should you see the odds plummeting on a game, you can be sure that the move started over there…their network of information is impressive.

UK bookmakers have a bad reputation among the online betting community, renowned for limiting accounts without explanation, even closing accounts.

If you do want to keep your pounds on the island though (well as much as possible given their exodus to tax havens) then here are the 2 best books, plus a few tips about how to try to avoid the dreaded limiting.

First things first, if you bet slow prices, if you arb, if you can’t stop winning, then eventually you will be cut off – basic business protection.  So here are a few tips on how to avoid, as best you can, an account being limited

1)      Avoid the under/over total goals and Asian handicap markets.  These are linked to the Asian markets, and plenty of book balancing goes on with arbers, traders, other bookmakers  and value punters (nothing wrong with value of course, in fact we are all  looking for value, just think about using markets that are aligned to the other markets, a bit of creative thinking – goal brackets or double chance for instance)

2)      Time of bet.  Bookmakers sleep too, there will be less people caring about your monster bet at 2 am in the morning than 2pm, less people, less red flags

3)      Make your own mind up.  Believe me if you read then so do dozens of others, and they are ALL looking for the best price.  If you are desperate to bet it then be smart, wait a while, if a price has moved JUST because a tipster has says so then there is a fair chance that there will be a bounce back.

4)      Open an account a while before placing bets.  Now this is a bit of a ‘far out’ one, based mainly on rumours that have been passed down to me.  Books (apparently William Hill bein one) are very keen to monitor your activity for the first few weeks after opening your account, so if you are able to hold off for a while, all the better for you.

Here’s the best two bookmakers in the UK to bet on football at in my opinion. They’ve both been around for ages , have solid reputations and are very competitive with their football odds.


A consistent winner can probably win more here, and longer here than at any other UK book.  They trust themselves more than others, they don’t blindly follow a price move the second that there is a slight wobble over in Asia and you will be allowed to maintain a winning account for a while (providing you can pick winners of course!).  Your bets will be referred to a trader, and they are known to take very high 5 figure bets without blinking an eyelid – one of the most frustrating issues for a large money punter is, even with an unlimited account, seeing the ‘max’ bet.  You won’t have that here.

William Hill

Another site that has the developed the ever-more-common referral to trader system, or at least partially it has.  Apparently on an account by account basis, but the good news is that once you open your account, any bets above their maximum will be referred (later on down the line they might figure that you are too smart for them at cut out the referrals).

The good thing about William Hill is that as of late they have taken to offering ‘best price’ on several major moneyline soccer games.  This isn’t just bluff, it isn’t just a net to catch and destroy all known arbers, they actually gladly accept a bet on those odds.  Hopefully this isn’t just an account attracting gimmick and they really are prepared to stick their neck out.

The list of other UK books is endless, you might want to look at them to and in time I will review them BUT, if you are a winner, you will be cut far quickly with these than with those above. Having said that, they each have their own attractions and reasons to hold accounts at for as long as you can.