NBA Basketball Picks

The NBA is extremely difficult to handicap on a daily basis due to the amount of time it requires. Picking consistent winners over the course of a full NBA season requires a lot of commitment, but we’re here to make the process as simple as possible.

In our NBA section at Tips&Picks you can count on finding beginner handicapping information, advanced statistical strategies and the most highly researched free predictions in the industry. Most touts try charging vulnerable bettors a stiff price for picks, but we’ve decided to offer our insight into the NBA betting markets at absolutely no charge.

Everything you need to wager on basketball is covered in this section of our website. At the top of this article you can find links to our general basketball betting guides including a primer for absolute beginners. In the primer new NBA handicappers will be able to learn how to understand basketball odds, the types of bets in the NBA and how to handicap NBA games on your own.

After you’ve gone through our NBA basketball betting guide it’s time to delve into more advanced strategies. On the left sidebar you’ll find a list of NBA betting strategy articles that can be instantly utilized in your handicapping routine. I highly recommend becoming familiar with APBRmetrics if you want to be able to formulate your own NBA predictions using statistical analysis.

We know that many of you don’t have the time it requires to handicap NBA games on a day-to-day basis and that’s why we also provide free basketball predictions regularly. Our picks can be found at the top of the right sidebar on this page and every other page in our NBA handicapping section here at Tips&Picks.

Our experience in the NBA handicapping community is invaluable and we’ll be able to help everyone become a winning bettor as long as you’re able to follow a system that revolves around strict bankroll management techniques. We don’t claim to hit at an unattainable percentage, but we have proven to be profitable over the course of the past couple NBA seasons.

In the NBA you need to be very careful that you don’t bet too many selections every night. The biggest problem with most NBA bettors is that they try and bet too many games every night. Any edge that you can attack in the NBA is very tiny and you’re not going to be able to beat the sportsbooks by betting on the entire NBA card every night during the season.

If you’re formulating your own NBA picks you should be predicting the point spreads on your own using your system and then compare your predicted point spreads to the actual point spreads at the bookmakers. From here you should only bet on the games where you have a big enough edge to account for a basket or two during dead time.

There is no other sport in the United States where you get burned as much from betting than in the NBA. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost a bet in the NBA in the final seconds because of a pointless 3-pointer or foul. Sportsbooks set very sharp NBA point spreads the majority of the time and they often land within a few points of the actual winning margin. This is why you should only bet on the games where you have a big enough perceived edge against the bookmaker.

We’re also going to introduce bettors into several newer basketball betting markets. The markets themselves have been open for a long time, but bettors are only starting to pay attention to them now. The NBA point spread market is difficult to beat on a consistent basis, but there are other markets such as NBA prop bets and NBA futures bets that are easier to find edges in.

At the end of the day our goal at Tips&Picks for the NBA is to hit at about a 60% clip over the course of every season with our point spread predictions. We also share our predictions on other NBA basketball betting markets and we post analysis of the betting markets every season. Systems that worked this year may become unprofitable next year, so you always need to be willing to evolve as an NBA handicapper.

It all starts every year with our NBA preseason predictions and rankings. We look at the big off-season moves and formulate our early rankings. During the NBA season you can read our regular free predictions and in the playoffs you can expect full coverage of every NBA series starting from the 1st round and continuing until the NBA Champion is crowned.