NCAA Basketball Picks

If you’ve landed on this page it means you’re interested in betting on college basketball. If you live outside of the US you may find it odd that you can bet on college sports, but college hoops in the United States is huge. We may be new on the scene, but it won’t be long before we’re one of the best online college basketball resources. The majority of our college basketball content is tailored to the betting market, but we also provide the latest scores, injury reports, and an entire section on March Madness brackets.

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The main reason you need to visit the NCAAB section of Tips and Picks daily is to gain an edge against the sportsbook. Everything we write about is aimed to make you a bettor handicapper and to provide you with the up-to-the minute information you need.

A lot of sites just cover March Madness, but at Tips and Picks you’ll notice we cover the entire NCAAB season. We have year round coverage of everything going on in the world of college basketball that affects handicappers.

Statistically Fading the Public is Profitable

Fading the public is profitable in every sport as a general rule and that includes college basketball. However, in order to fade the public you need to know what team the public is betting on.

There are several services online that provide handicappers with the number of bettors on each side of a game/match. This information can be valuable in the right hands, but you can’t simply fade every public team or else you’re going to have huge swings that your bankroll might not be able to handle.

In college basketball you’ll notice that point spreads can move a lot in a quick period of time. When a line quickly jumps it’s because the sportsbook has received large bets from a sharp or sharp bettors. Jumping on these line moves is profitable and this system can be even more profitable when the public is betting the other team. Ideally you should look at the games where the public are heavily involved including the big televised games every weekend during the season.

Televised college basketball games always receive more betting action from the general public and it’s easier to find value. When the public bets a team heavily and the line isn’t moving you should definitely fade the public. Sportsbooks aim to have even action on both teams in a match-up, so if the line isn’t moving and 75% of the bets are on 1 team it usually means that the other 25% of bets are bigger bets from sharps and this is a great time to fade the public.

How Do We Predict Winners?

You may see websites claiming to use the latest “technology” that predicts constant winners. If you can’t verify their record to be legitimate it should raise red flags immediately. We’re a group of honest handicappers that have been betting on college hoops for years now and we put in the time and effort to make our predictions. All of our predictions are backed by stats, trends and news such as injuries, suspensions and any other college basketball news that has an affect on our wagers.

Our picks always have an analysis accompanied with them and best all of our picks are completely free. In fact, we even want all of you handicappers to share your picks with the rest of the community here at Tips & Picks. Picking college basketball winners isn’t that difficult if you have the time to put into handicapping the games, but there is no “easy” money to be made.

What Does Tips and Picks Offer College Basketball Handicappers?

Our #1 goal is to provide winning predictions to our visitors. We know that if we’re winning our visitors will want to come back and that’s why we spend so much time handicapping college hoops. We don’t just offer picks here at Tips&Picks though; you’ll also be able to read vital college basketball betting news such as the latest injuries and much more. While we post picks during the NCAAB season this section of our site really starts heating up around March Madness.

We’ve already written most of our 2012 March Madness previews and you can read them on this section of Tips&Picks. New bettors can learn how to bet on college basketball while bettors with some experience can move straight into our picks section. We also have an in-depth March Madness brackets guide that will help you construct a winning bracket this year.