2012 March Madness Bracket Preview

Selection Sunday is now over and it’s time to start filling in your brackets. If you’re looking for help filling out your bracket this year we’ve posted our analysis of the four regions below. Selection Sunday ended up going basically as planned although I feel that Drexel was burned tonight by not getting in the tournament. Iona was selected instead of Drexel and although both teams have valid reasons to make the tournament I thought Drexel deserved to play in one of the play-in games.

2012 March Madness South Region Bracket Analysis

Kentucky received the #1 seed in the South Region and will play the winner of the Mississippi Valley State vs. Western Kentucky in the 2nd round of the tournament. Kentucky should easily win their 1st game, but in the 3rd round they’ll need to be focused, as they’ll be playing Iowa State or last year’s champion team UConn. If the Wildcats move through to the Sweet Sixteen I think they should be able to make the Final Four although they’ll need to most likely get through Duke or Baylor.

#2 seed Duke will play #15 seed Lehigh in the 2nd round while #3 Baylor will play San Diego State. Duke and Baylor should both win in the 2nd round without problem and I think both teams will win their 3rd round game. If that’s the case Duke and Baylor would play in the Sweet Sixteen to see who takes on Kentucky or whatever team advances through to the Elite Eight in the South Region. My prediction is that Baylor will play Kentucky in the Elite Eight and the Wildcats advance to the Final Four.

  • Kentucky beats Baylor to advance to Final Four

2012 March Madness West Region Bracket Analysis

Michigan State earned the #1 seed in the West Region, which shocked me a bit. They did win the Big 10 Conference Tournament today and that helped push them over the edge. MSU will cruise in their 2nd round game, but in the 3rd round they may be in for a tough game against #8 Memphis or #9 Saint Louis depending upon who wins that game in the 2nd round. Mizzou is the #2 seed and didn’t get a #1 seed like many thought and Marquette is the #3 seed in the West Region.

Mizzou may be in tough in the 3rd round, as they’ll play the winner of #7 Florida vs. #10 Virginia. Florida is playing great ball right now and that’s a scary game for Mizzou. Marquette ended up with an easier route to the S16 with the #3 seed than Mizzou with the #2 seed in my opinion. In the West Region I expect the Elite Eight to be played between MSU and Mizzou. Both teams have been playing great and I don’t think any other teams in the region can beat them unless either team has a horrible game.

  • Missouri beats Michigan State to advance to Final Four

2012 March Madness East Region Bracket Analysis

I can’t wait to watch the East Region bracket get underway. I think the East Region has the most potential for some upsets and I think many brackets will be killed with this region. In the East Region we have #1 Syracuse, #2 Ohio State, #3 Florida State, #4 Wisconsin and #5 Vanderbilt. All five teams have been playing great basketball and any team could make the Final Four. I don’t think Wisconsin is going to make it deep, but the other four teams could definitely make some noise in the East Region.

Syracuse we all know is great, but we also know they’re beatable. Ohio State played tough right down until the final whistle today in their conference championship game, but fell short against MSU. FSU beat Duke and North Carolina this week to win the ACC Conference Tournament while Vanderbilt just upset Kentucky to win the SEC Conference Tournament. I think that FSU is going to be the toughest team in the East Region and I have them making it to the Final Four after beating Syracuse in the E8.

  • Florida State beats Syracuse to advance to Final Four

2012 March Madness Midwest Region Bracket Analysis

The Midwest Region doesn’t excite me as much as other regions, but you never know what can happen during March. UNC is the #1 seed in the Midwest and I don’t think they’ll have much problem advancing to the Final Four. North Carolina will have to play the winner of Alabama vs. Creighton in the 3rd round, which could be tough, but I don’t think they’ll lose. #2 Kansas is the team to most likely play UNC in the Elite Eight game in the Midwest Region, but I’m not impressed with KU right now.

Saint Mary’s ended up a #7 seed and will play #10 Purdue in the 2nd round. If the Gaels win they’ll play KU most likely in the 3rd round and could possibly upset Kansas. If Saint Mary’s does upset Kansas beating UNC would be difficult, but not out of the realm of possibilities. I told everyone in my last March Madness update that I think the Gaels could go to the Final Four and I think they definitely have a good draw for a #7 seed.

  • North Carolina beats Saint Mary’s to advance to Final Four

2012 March Madness Final Four & Championship Analysis

I have Kentucky, Missouri, Florida State and North Carolina making it to the final four on my bracket. I think the Gaels could be the sleeper team to make it to the Final Four still, but I just can’t put them through on my bracket. In the Final Four I have the Wildcats losing to Mizzou and Florida State beating the Tar Heels. I think Florida State has what it takes to win the championship this year and there is no doubt that the team is extremely confident heading into the tournament after winning the ACC tourney.

  • Florida State beats Missouri to win the 2012 NCAAB National Championship

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