2012 March Madness East Region Preview & Predictions

The 2012 March Madness East Region is stacked with talent and I can’t wait for the bracket to get underway. There are no less than four legitimate Final Four contenders in the East and you never know who else could shock everyone. Check out our 2012 East Region March Madness betting preview below including our predictions for the entire 2nd round.

2012 March Madness East Region Predictions

#1 Syracuse Orange -15.5 vs. #16 UNC Ashville Bulldogs +15.5

The #1 Syracuse Orange (31-2) will have no problem advancing against UNC Ashville (24-9).Syracusewon’t have Melo playing in the March Madness tournament (Academic Ineligibility), but theOrangeis just a way better team than the Bulldogs.

#8 Kansas State Wildcats -5 vs. #9 Southern Miss Golden Eagles +5

I’m taking the #8 K-State Wildcats (21-10) to advance and cover the point spread against #9 Southern Miss (25-8). I’ve seen a number of guys predicting an upset here, but I don’t see it. KSU has some great wins against Missouri(2), Alabama and Baylor. Southern Miss hasn’t even played a rank opponent this season and I think experience will prevail in this match-up.

#5 Vanderbilt Commodores -5 vs. #12 Harvard Crimson +5

We could see a very close game here and I’m on the fence about the point spread. I do think #5 Vanderbilt Commodores (24-10) will be able to beat #12 Harvard Crimson (26-4). The Commodores have two great scorers (John Jenkins & Jeffrey Taylor) and the Crimson is going to have trouble keeping up on the scoreboard. (Vandy averages 73 PPG & Crimson averages 65.4 PPG)

#4 Wisconsin Badgers -9.5 vs. #13 Montana Grizzlies +9.5

Wisconsin Badgers (24-9) are in for a tough test right away in the East Region, as they take on #13 Montana Grizzlies (25-6) who have some tourney experience. I think Wisconsinwill advance, but I like the Grizzlies at +9.5 in the 2nd round.Montana has five players that can score including leader Will Cherry (16 PPG), but they lack depth andWisconsin should win the game late.

#6 Cincinnati Bearcats -2 vs. #11 Texas Longhorns +2

Lots of people like the upset here and I’m one of them. I haveTexas advancing over the Bearcats and at +2 I’m taking a shot on the point spread as well. Texas Longhorns (20-13) played a tough schedule (SOS 19) and I think they have the talent to beat the overrated Bearcats. The public will fall in love with Cincy due to the win over theOrange, but I’m not buying it.

#3 Florida State Seminoles -6.5 vs. #14 St.Bonaventure Bonnies +6.5

FSU Seminoles (24-9) just won the ACC conference title after back-to-back wins over Duke and UNC. St. Bonnies (20-11) shocked us all by winning the A10, but they aren’t on the Seminoles level. FSU may take this game a bit lightly and Andrew Nicholson will be able to keep the Bonnies in the game for a bit, but I expect FSU to pull away and win by 5-10 points.

#7 Gonzaga Bulldogs -1 vs. #10 West Virginia Mountaineers +1

If you’re trying to predict an upset the #10 West Virginia Mountaineers (19-13) seem like a smart bet. I’m not buying into WVU and I’m taking #7 Gonzaga Bulldogs (25-6) to advance and ATS. Gonzaga is a high scoring team (74 PPG) and if they can shut Kevin Jones (20.1 PPG) down in this game they should easily score enough to win.

#2 Ohio State Buckeyes -17.5 vs. #15 Loyola (MD) +17.5

OSU Buckeyes (27-7) have an easy path to the 3rd round against #15 Loyola (MD) (24-8). There is no doubt OSU is going to win this game and advance, but I’m not touching the point spread. OSU is the biggest favourite in the 2nd round in the East Region and covering -17.5 points isn’t easy against anyone.

2012 March Madness East Region Top Team

With news breaking that Melo is going to be ineligible for the big tourney many people are going to be adjusting their brackets in the East and moving theOrangedown a few pegs.Syracusemay be the #1 seed, but the best team in the East Region is #3 FSU in my opinion. FSU is a resilient team and they have high expectations coming into the big dance this season.

#2 OSU is also a very strong team, but if #2 OSU meets #3 FSU in the S16 I’ll be all over the Seminoles.Florida State can score (69.9 PPG), but more importantly the team can play defense and they have tons of confidence entering the tournament this year. Passing OSU will be FSU’s hardest test in the region, as I don’t think Syracuse will be that strong without Melo.

2012 March Madness East Region Cinderella Teams

Experts have been pegging several teams as potential Cinderella teams in the East Region. The entire region is very strong and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few big upsets in the 1st couple rounds. The teams that have potential to be Cinderella teams this year in the East Region include West Virginia,St. Bonnies,Texas,Kansas State and Harvard.

I have the Mountaineers, Bonnies and Crimson being knocked in the 2nd round. I think the two teams with the best shot at being the Cinderella team in the East Region are the Longhorns and K-State Wildcats. Both teams have played and beat some tough teams throughout the season, so they’re both definitely tested coming into the big dance.

2012 March Madness East Region Best 2nd Round Match-Up

Some people think the best match-up will be Vanderbilt vs. Harvard or Kansas State vs. Southern Miss. I personally think the top game in the 2nd round from the East Region will be West Virginia vs. Gonzaga. Both teams don’t want to go home early this year and we have two great offenses in this game. Make sure you read our Gonzaga vs. West Virginia pick before betting this game.

I also think we’re going to see a very competitive match-up in the game Texas vs. Cincinnati game. Both teams aren’t elite by any stretch of the imagination, but they’ll both fight hard in this game. My top picks in the East Region ATS in the 2nd round include the Wildcats by -5 and Bulldogs by -1. Both of these point spreads can be bet at the BetIslands Sportsbook.

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