Kentucky Wildcats vs. Baylor Bears Picks

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Baylor Bears Picks

Both Kentucky and Baylor advanced to the Elite Eight after winning their S16 games as expected. Kentucky covered their spread while Baylor failed to cover the spread by a point. Kentucky looks like the team to beat this year, as they’ve been turning up the heat on their opponents in each game they’ve played. Baylor vs. Kentucky has the potential to be the best game of the tourney.

Kentucky beat Indiana 102-90 in a very high scoring game that sailed over the total. Kentucky only led the game by 3 points after the 1st half (50-47), but they pulled away in the 2nd half to win comfortably. Indiana simply couldn’t keep up with the scoring in this game and I don’t think any team could to be honest. I’m also surprised the Wildcats gave up 90 points though.

In the Wildcats vs. Hoosiers game both teams only hit 5 3-pointers each, but the teams were running with the ball. Kentucky had 5 players score in double digits including Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (24), Doron Lamb (21) and Darius Miller (19). Miller was on fire off the bench tonight for Kentucky and I’m sure we’ll see him a lot in the Baylor game this weekend.

Baylor knocked off Xavier 75-70 to advance to the Elite Eight in the South Region. Baylor led by 7 at halftime, but Xavier made a small run in the 2nd half to close the gap although they couldn’t win the game. Heslip had 11 points, but was only 1-3 from 3-point land, which I said would happen. Acy led the Bears with 20 points and if he wakes up the Wildcats could be in trouble.

Baylor needs to make sure they’re ready to play a tough game this weekend. This team is very talented, but they often don’t end up playing to their full potential. Baylor could win this game, but they’ll need a big performance in the paint from Acy, Jones and Miller. Kentucky has a monster in the paint (Anthony Davis) that is going to make life hard on the Bears offence.

I’m betting on Kentucky to win this game, but Baylor could win if everything fell into place. Heslip would need to be hitting his long distance shots while the rest of the team would need to get in the paint and onto the free throw line. Both teams are talented, but Kentucky has more skill and the players seem to be getting better with every game they play.

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