March Madness Picks

March Madness Picks – updated on March 7th

Right now it looks like Kentucky, Syracuse, Kansas and North Carolina will be #1 seeds this year in the tournament although that could change this week during conference tournaments. All of the big conference tournaments are still to be decided this week and the projected #1 seeds could be dethroned with a poor showing this week. Kentucky and Syracuse are almost surely going to be #1 seeds, but the Jayhawks and Tar Heels need to win their respective conference tourney this week to secure #1 seeds.

quality march madness sports picksCurrent 2012 Conference Tournament Champions (03/07/12)

Currently 15 conference tournaments are completed and 15 champions have been crowned. Each of the following teams will be playing this month in the 2012 March Madness tournament. The 15 teams that have already won their conference tournament include Belmont, Montana, UNC-Ashville, VCU, Detroit, Harvard, Loyola (Md), Creighton, Long Island, Murray State, Lehigh, Davidson, South Dakota State, Western Kentucky and St. Mary’s.

2012 March Madness Sleeper Teams (03/07/12)

Our two sleeper teams from the beginning have been Drexel and Belmont. Belmont won their conference tournament and will definitely be playing in the tournament this month, but Drexel will need to be selected by the committee. Drexel lost in their conference championship game against VCU earlier this week in a heartbreaking game.

We also mentioned Iowa State in our last update. Iowa State had two big games last week and they split them. The Cyclones lost against #8 Mizzou on Feb 29th and finished the regular season with a win over the #10 Bears on Mar 3rd. Iowa State will start their Big 10 conference tournament tomorrow against Texas.

Two other teams that have been receiving a lot of buzz include Wichita State and St. Mary’s. Personally I like St Mary’s to make a deep run this year in the March Madness tournament. St Mary’s finished the season with an RPI Rank of 25, but the team’s SOS was only 105. The Gaels didn’t play that tough of a schedule, but they have a great shooting team that ranks amongst the best in the country in terms of FG%.

If you’re looking to fill-in your bracket with a sleeper pick in the Final Four I’d consider the Gaels. I don’t think Wichita State is going to live up to their hype and I would be weary of picking them past the 1st round. I wouldn’t be shocked in the Shockers were eliminated from the tournament in the 1st round.

2012 March Madness Bubble Teams (03/07/12)

Right now the bubble is getting smaller, but there is still some fighting to be done this week in conference play. As of right now it looks like Drexel, Seton Hall, Northwestern, Xavier, Texas, Tennessee, NC State and Oregon will all be fighting for the last few spots in the tournament bracket this season. I hope Drexel makes it, but they could have locked it up themselves if they didn’t lose to VCU earlier this week.

We’ll post a final update with our bracket after Selection Sunday, so make sure you bookmaker this page and come back in a few days to check out our full bracket predictions. We know there isn’t much time to construct brackets, so we’ll be posting our final 2012 March Madness bracket predictions immediately after Selection Sunday is completed.

2012 March Madness Picks Update February 27th 2012

I still like the Duke Blue Devils and Syracuse Orange this year in the 2012 March Madness tournament. Since our last update the Blue Devils have gone 6-1 in conference play with the loss coming against Miami in OT. Duke has a solid team this year and they’re definitely going to make a deep run in the tournament. The odds have gone from +1500 to +800 on Duke since our last update, so make sure you bet on Duke to win the 2012 March Madness tournament now.

Syracuse has gone 6-0 in the Big East since our last update with impressive victories over Georgetown and Louisville. I don’t think Syracuse is getting enough respect from bettors. The odds have gone from +800 to +850 on the Orange since our last update and now would be a great time to place your bets on Syracuse. The Orange will finish out their regular season on March 3rd with a game against the #18 ranked Cardinals.

Kentucky is going to be the team to beat this year and there is no value betting on the Wildcats. Right now the Wildcats are only paying out +225 to win the 2012 March Madness tournament. Kentucky is ranked #1 in the country right now with a superb record of 28-1 (14-0 in SEC). Kentucky ranks in the top 20 in PPG, Rebounds and Field Goal % and this team is going to be a tough squad this March.

Some of the other college teams that have a great shot at making the Final Four and winning the tournament include the Tar Heels +600, Jayhawks +800 and Buckeyes +800. Michigan St +1200 and Missouri +1400 are also going to be tough this year in the tournament and should make it tough for the rest of the elite teams.

2012 March Madness Cinderella Teams Update 02/27/12

We predicted Drexel and Belmont to be Cinderella teams to look out for this year and we still like them. I’ve lost some of my confidence in Drexel even though they closed out the season with a huge winning streak. Drexel ranked near the back of the pack in terms of offence and the team didn’t play any ranked opponents this season.

Belmont has also gone undefeated since our last update although the competition wasn’t that difficult. Belmont hasn’t had to play a ranked team since losing the 1st two games of the season. Belmont hung in those games against Memphis and Duke, but the team also had a dry spell in December. Belmont has the talent to make a run this year in the tournament, but they need to be focused and consistent.

Iowa State is 21-8 right now and I’m adding them to my list of Cinderella teams. Iowa State still has to play #8 Missouri and #10 Baylor to end the regular season and these two games will help me decide on Iowa State’s fate. This team lives and dies by the 3-ball like certain other perimeter shooting teams (Duke). In recent years 3-ball shooting teams have fared well in the tournament. Iowa State has several players that can heat up behind the arc and win games this March.

2012 March Madness Bubble Teams Update 02/27/12

Seton Hall blew their chance at a tournament bid already, but Texas is still looking good. Texas has two big games left this season against Oklahoma and Kansas that they need to win. Some of the other teams on the bubble right now are Miami, Xavier, Northwestern, VCU, Saint Joe’s and Colorado State. The bubble teams are still vying for position and it should come down to the wire to determine what teams make the 2012 March Madness tournament.

We’ll be updating this page again next week once the Conference tournaments are well underway. We recommend if you haven’t bet on the team you think will win the tournament yet to do so soon because the odds will only get worse. I still like Duke and I’m glad I locked them in earlier in the season at +1500. I’ve lost some value on Syracuse, but they have one of the most balanced teams in the nation and could definitely win the championship in 2012.

2012 March Madness Picks – early February update

With Selection Sunday only about a month away now we figured that we would update our 2012 March Madness preview and picks. In the past few weeks a lot of college basketball fans have been setting up mock brackets. Trying to predict the teams that are going to make it to the tournament is difficult, but with the season winding down it’s becoming easier.

Most teams only have a little more than a handful of games left on the regular season schedule. We already know a lot of the teams that have secured a spot in the 2012 March Madness tournament this year, but there are still bubble teams fighting for a spot. At this point it’s also difficult trying to seed the teams because there are still a lot of things that can happen.

Below we’re going to take a look at our predictions to win the 2012 March Madness tournament. Our predictions may change from now (Feb 5th) until the start of the 2012 March Madness tournament, but we’ll make sure we update this page. We’re also going to spend a bit of time focusing on the Cinderella teams that could make a deep run in the tournament this year.

2012 March Madness Final Four & Champion Predictions

Now that the regular season is almost over and we’ve got watch a lot of college basketball we have picked the teams that we feel present the best chance to win the 2012 March Madness tournament. Our predictions aren’t finalized yet and we may change our picks after the regular season and conference tournaments are over.

• Duke Blue Devils +1500

The odds have actually gone up for the Blue Devils since we posted our 1st 2012 March Madness betting guide. I still think that at +1500 you can’t go wrong betting on the Blue Devils. Duke has the #2 RPI in the league and right now the team’s SOS is 2nd in the league. The Blue Devils are 19-3 including a 6-1 conference record in the ACC.

Duke has picked up wins over 3 ranked teams (Michigan, Kansas & Virginia), but the team has also slipped up. Duke lost against the Temple Owls on the road and then lost at home against Florida State on January 21st. Duke ranks 11th in the league with an average of 80PPG plus Duke is ranked 13th in field goal percentage at .488 on the season.

• Syracuse Orange +600

Right now the odds aren’t great on the Orange and I don’t think they’ll win the championship. I think Syracuse is going to make a trip to the Final Four this year though before falling just short of a national championship. Syracuse is an incredible 23-1 including a wicket 10-1 record in the Big East. The only lose on the season came against the Fighting Irish on January 21st 2012.

Syracuse is the #2 ranked team in the AP & ESPN pools right now. The Orange has averaged 77.4 PPG and the team is led by a few players on offence including Kris Joseph (13.7PPG), Dion Waiters (12.3PPG) and Scoop Jardine (8.5PPG & 5APG). The Orange has a lot of depth and should be a #1 seed next month after Selection Sunday is over.

I think that Syracuse and Duke are the two teams to beat this year in the 2012 March Madness tournament. I don’t think any other team is on the same level and I expect one of these two teams to win the National Championship. The other two Final Four teams could end up going to a handful of teams in my opinion.

I expect Ohio State, Missouri, Kentucky, Baylor, Kansas, North Carolina and Florida to make deep runs in the tournament. I’ll have to wait to find out the final seeding for each team before completing my predictions, but I’ll make sure I fill out and post my bracket after Selection Sunday is finished.

2012 March Madness Cinderella Teams

We’re going to take a look at the 2012 March Madness teams that could be Cinderella teams this year. We’re only looking at teams that could be Cinderella teams based on already being in the tournament.

• Belmont Bruins

Belmont Bruins were hyped up a lot before the regular season, but that hype has died done now. Belmont is only 17-7 and sitting in 2nd place in the Atlantic Sun Conference right now. Belmont started the season off with a tough 1 point loss against Duke and followed that up with a big loss against Memphis. Belmont has slipped up a few other times this season against teams they should have beaten.

The Bruins have won 4 games in a row now again and need to finish the season off strongly. Belmont could build some confidence the next few weeks with some easy wins to pad their tournament resume. I think if Belmont gets an #11 or #12 seed they could make some noise in the 2012 March Madness tournament. Kerron Johnson will need to lead his Bruins team in March, as he’s the best scorer on the team with an average of 14.4PPG.

• Drexel Dragons

Drexel Dragons could be a team to watch this year in the tournament although I’m not 100% sold on this team. Drexel has put together an impressive 19-5 record, but the team hasn’t played any ranked teams this season. The tough games that the Dragons had to play they lost as well, but once the tournament starts anything can happen. Right now the Dragons have an 86 RPI and are ranked 41st in the coaches poll right now.

One thing that I like about Drexel is the fact that they have very balanced scoring from their starting line-up. 3 players are averaging over 10PPG right now and two other players aren’t far behind that mark. If Drexel can get balanced scoring this year at the 2012 March Madness tournament I think they can win 2-3 games this year before being knocked out.

2012 March Madness Bubble Teams

Right now there are still quite a few teams battling for position in the 2012 March Madness tournament. We’re going to look at a couple of the bubble teams that we feel will not only make the tournament, but win a couple games. Keep in mind that bubble teams need to play 1 extra game just to make the main draw in the tournament this year.

• Seton Hall Pirates

Seton Hall Pirates have been falling apart to end the season and it’s a shame to see. Seton Hall started the season off with a 15-2 record, but the team has now dropped six straight games at the most important time of the season. Right now Seton Hall is right on the bubble and I think they can still win a spot in the tournament. Seton Hall has some big games left this season against Big East teams that the Pirates have to win in order to get a chance to play in the tournament.

• Texas Longhorns

Texas Longhorns are 14-9 right now, but they’ve had one of the toughest SOS this year. Texas have played 5 ranked teams this season and lost all five of those games, so they don’t have any big wins yet. Texas Longhorns should be one of the teams to receive an at-large bid, but Texas needs to pick up the pace if they want to make it past the 1st round in the 2012 March Madness tournament.

I think Seton Hall and Texas can both win a few games if they end up getting an at-large bid this season. Both teams are struggling right now, but they have the pieces in place to put a tournament run together in March. Some of the other bubble teams fighting for position include Colorado State, Minnesota, Arizona, North Carolina State, Ole Miss and Wyoming among a few other teams with an outside chance.

March Madness Betting Tips & Strategy

Now we’ve taken a look at our predictions for the 2012 March Madness tournament I want to leave you guys with some great handicapping tips to help you profit during the tournament. We’re going to teach you everything you need to look at in order to handicap March Madness games every year.

• The #1 seed has never lost against the #16 seed since the 16 seed format was introduced. Now while the #1 seed has always won, lately the #1 seeds have been hitting at about 50% ATS only.

• In the March Madness tournament you should bet against double digit favourites, especially after the 1st two rounds of the tournament. Double digit favourites have a great winning record in the tournament each year, but double digit favourites only cover ATS about 50%.

• The best way to make money each year is by researching the potential Cinderella teams. Every year there is always at least one team that makes an unexpected deep run in the tournament.

• A great way to find Cinderella teams is by looking at the team’s regular season games. If you see that a #10 seed has beat a couple of the top seeds during the regular season they could prove to be a Cinderella team.

• Lots of college basketball teams have a horrible time competing on the road or on neutral courts. Try to avoid teams that only win at home because these teams often struggle come March Madness.

• Experience is a big part of succeeding in the tournament. Most teams that make a deep run in the tournament are led by senior players and experience coaches. Handicapping the coaches during March Madness is vital, as some coaches just have the experience/skill to get their teams ready for the bi tournament every year.

• Historically the #3 seed has done the best in the March Madness tournament ATS. Keep an eye out this year for the #3 seeds and make sure you have a good gauge on each of the teams.

• You won’t find many trends when betting on the over/under in the tournament. The over hits about 51% of the time, so you can’t beat the vig by betting the over or under during March Madness. To beat the over/under bet you need to research both teams average PPG, field goal percentage and defence.