Live and in-play tennis betting

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Live and In-Play Tennis Betting

The ebb and flow of a great tennis match is awesome to behold. Momentum changes hands again and again, fatigue begins to play a role as the players run themselves ragged for three, four, or even five sets, and players battle injuries through sheer force of will.

Watching a match you’ve bet on and seeing that things are going for or against your player can be a painstaking experience.

But what if you could make new bets as the odds on the match changed? That’s what live and in-play tennis betting gives you the opportunity to do.

Sportsbooks like Pinnacle offer bettors the chance to make wagers in the middle of a match, adjusting the odds to reflect the current situation on the court.

During live betting, you’ll typically have most of the same options you would when you bet on a match before it begins. You’ll always have the opportunity to bet on the winner of the match, of course.

However, you will also be able to gamble on the winner of the current set, the number of games that will be played, and other factors, all of which are dynamically updated after every game (and sometimes, even more frequently).

Since the match situation is constantly in flux, the odds offered will always be different. If the overwhelming favorite finds themselves down two breaks in the first set, you won’t get big odds on the supposed underdog. If one player suffers an injury but continues on with the match, you can expect the line to reflect that, too.

Because the odds are changing quickly, smart bettors can often take advantage of in-play betting by finding good times to make wagers. A sharp handicapper will often spot times when the change in the odds is either too extreme or too conservative, and react accordingly.

For instance, take the situation where a heavy favorite loses the first set of a five-set match in a Grand Slam tournament. Because they only have a limited amount of time to set the in-play lines, there will usually be a fairly generic move towards the underdog that will be relatively constant between different matches. But if you’re watching the match, you may well know that this change wasn’t appropriate.

If the favorite looked good, but lost a 7-6 sets after having several break points during the set, then laying more money on that favorite might be a smart move. However, if the same result occurred with the favorite appearing to struggle just to stay in the match, it might be time to back the underdog. If you’re going to bet on in-play matches, it is critical that you can actually pay attention to the action, and not simply rely on pre-match research.

Another place where smart gamblers use in-play betting is to hedge their parlay bets. A common method of parlaying in tennis is to take several favorites that are nearly sure to win, and attach one underdog you feel confident in to those short-priced favorites.

If your parlay bet looks good and you’re waiting on just one match, you can often bet a small amount against the last player you’re waiting on and manage to lock in a profit for your betting day. Keeping an eye on the match action is again critical, since the key to this play is getting the best possible odds on your hedge bet.

In-play and live betting certainly isn’t something you should jump into lightly. The temptation is always there to make more bets, which can be very dangerous to your ability to be a profitable bettor.

However, if you can stay disciplined and use live betting to find good spots to supplement your normal betting, then in-play tennis betting can provide you with even more ways to gain an edge over the sportsbooks.

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