Cricket Betting Guide

With the advent and growing popularity of 20/20 cricket around the world, cricket betting has grown enormously and the number and variety of markets you can bet on has also expanded.

Each of the 3 forms of the game (test matches, one day cricket (50/50) and 20/20) require different considerations when forming your bets.

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As mentioned above, betting on each of the different forms of the games requires different considerations when forming your picks. Test match cricket, by its very nature of being played over 5 days sees alot more traders in the market and the swings in the in-play markets from day to day can be enormous.

The toss can have a big bearing on the odds pre-game in test match cricket, and its not unusual to see swings of more than 20% in the odds simply on who wins the toss.

In the 2 short vesions of the game, ODI’s and 20/20, the weather prediction can have a big affect on betting markets, particularly once the toss has been made and the team batting first is known. The draw markets can shorten dramatically if there is even a hint of inclement weather, which at times provides pretty attractive odds for one side to win.

There is a vast number of different cricket betting markets available, and all are pretty straight forward to understand. Suffice to say, in the one day games and 20/20, you can bet on all sorts of things like number of runs hit off a particular over, or which team hits the highest number of sixes as 2 such examples.