Golf Betting Guide

Whilst most people would associate golf betting with just trying to pick the winner of a tournament, the majority of money wagered on golf is on other markets.

The main markets where you can find decent edges is on the match betting golf markets, either over the full 72 holes of a tournament, or just on that particular days 18 hole markets.

Taking that one step further the best sportsbooks to bet on Golf are the ones that provide a larger range of match-ups, either in the 2-way (2 golfers) or 3-way (3 golfers matched up)

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The golf betting market isn’t quite as efficient as say the football betting markets, because it doesn’t have the sheer volume of money turned over on it that football does.

This only leads a sharp golf bettor to finding many +EV bets through either using solid golf handicapping techniques or simply line-shopping (comparing odds at a number of sportsbooks and betting at the best offered) the bets they are wanting to place.

Aside from the match-up markets, some of the other popular bet types include betting on a player to either make the cut , or not make the cut or betting on a player to finish in the top 5 or top 10 over the whole tournament.

Its probably also important to note that with golf, the vast majority of tournaments start on a Thursday and are played over 4 days, with the final round being played on the Sunday. All players play the first 2 rounds, the Thursday and Friday, and only those players that make the cut (usually this is around the top 70 players) play the final two rounds on the Saturday and Sunday. The winner obviously being the player with the lowest score over the 4 rounds.

The best days to bet on golf then are between Tuesday and Thursday. After the first day the odds are more efficient as there’s form exposed, so if you are into handicapping and have identified certain players of interest, you should looks at the match up markets from Tuesday when most sportsbooks start to post them up.