2012 NBA Playoffs Preview, Odds & Predictions

The 2012 NBA Playoffs are just about to get underway after a shortened regular season due to the lockout. In my opinion there isn’t one team that stands out as a champion yet and the playoffs should be very interesting. We’re going to share our overall predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs as well as our predictions for every series.

2012 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference 1st Round Odds & Predictions betting on the 2012 nba playoffs

• #1 Chicago Bulls vs. #8 Philadelphia 76’ers

Chicago Bulls (50-16) finished in 1st place in the Eastern Conference this season despite dealing with injuries. The good news for Bulls fans is that the team is semi-healthy coming into the playoffs. Derrick Rose missed a lot of games this season, but he’s in the line-up and ready to go for the playoffs. Philadelphia 76’ers (35-31) started the season so promising, but they barely made it into the 2012 NBA Playoffs and will lose in 4-5 games against Chicago.

• #2 Miami Heat vs. #7 New York Knicks

Miami Heat (46-20) dominated the season series 3-0 against the New York Knicks (36-30). The Knicks are one of the poorest teams in the playoffs and will need to ride Anthony just to compete in this series. The Knicks have Anthony, but the Heat has Wade, James and Bosh, which will simply be too much for the Knicks. Miami will easily win this series and I could see the Heat being able to finish this one in 4 games, which would give them some time to rest before the 2nd round.

• #3 Indiana Pacers vs. #6 Orlando Magic

Both teams can play defence, but the Pacers have the much better offence, especially with Dwight Howard out. Playing without Howard in the playoffs is going to be difficult for the Orlando Magic (37-29). Indiana Pacers (42-24) don’t get much respect in the NBA, but I think they shock people this year. Look for the Pacers to take care of business against the Magic in 5 games and cause a lot of problems in the next round.

• #4 Boston Celtics vs. #5 Atlanta Hawks

The Boston Celtics (39-27) and Atlanta Hawks (40-26) are two evenly matched teams. Both teams have veteran leadership and rely on their veterans to play defence plus put up points. These two teams may not be exciting in the 1st round, but I expect the games to be extremely close throughout the series and 7 games wouldn’t surprise me here. Boston will have home court and I think Rondo will be able to pick his game up and steal a game or two for Boston to advance.

2012 NBA Playoffs Western Conference 1st Round Odds & Predictions

• #1 San Antonio Spurs vs. #8 Utah Jazz

Well the Utah Jazz (36-30) had to fight until the last game to get into the playoffs whereas the San Antonio Spurs (50-16) were able to rest their starters the last week of the regular season. San Antonio has been under the radar because of the “age” of the team, but I think they make a very deep run this year. The Spurs will dismantle the Jazz in due order and I think this series will end in 4-5 games. San Antonio is extremely deep and filled with veteran leaders, which you need in the NBA playoffs.

• #2 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. #7 Dallas Mavericks

Oklahoma City Thunder (47-19) has had a wonderful season, but that will all be forgotten with a bad run in the playoffs. I don’t think the Thunder will love their 1st round match-up although they did win the season series 3-1. Dallas Mavericks (36-30) won the NBA Championship last season, but they won’t be repeating in my opinion. Oklahoma is a potential championship team this year and they should be able to beat the Mavericks in 5-6 games in the 1st round.

• #3 Los Angeles Lakers vs. #6 Denver Nuggets

Los Angeles Lakers (41-25) look good coming into the playoffs. They had a minor setback with Artest being suspended for his dirty elbow against Harden, but he wasn’t a major piece of the puzzle. The Lakers may find trouble in the next round, but they should have no problem beating a depleted Nuggets team. Denver doesn’t know how to play defence and the Lakers big men should be able to control the game. LA ended the regular season series with a 3-1 record over the Nuggets.

• #4 Memphis Grizzlies vs. #5 Los Angeles Clippers

Memphis Grizzlies (41-25) and the Los Angeles Clippers (40-26) should be the best series in the Western Conference. I think the Clippers will end up knocking off the Grizzlies although I see this series going at least 6 games. Memphis will be able to cause fits for Blake Griffin in my opinion due to their size, but Chris Paul is the one player I think decides this series. When Paul is knocking down his jump shot and passing the ball off to his team mates not many teams can beat the Clippers.

2012 NBA Champions Predictions

The Miami Heat are the favourites to win the 2012 NBA Championship at around +200. Miami have extremely high expectations and they should considering they have 3 of the top NBA players in the league. I think they’ll win in the 1st round, but they’ll have trouble against the young Pacers team if the Pacers can eliminate the Magic like I expect.

I think the Bulls have the best path to the 2012 NBA Finals, as they need to beat the 76’ers in the 1st round. In the 2nd round the Bulls would get to play the winner of the Celtics vs. Hawks. Both of these teams are filled with veterans with playoff experience, but the Bulls shouldn’t have too many problems winning their 2nd round series in my opinion.

The Bulls can be bet at +300 or so right now at most bookies to win the NBA Championship. If Rose can stay healthy and play like he has throughout his career I think Chicago will be a tough out. In the West I like the Spurs to advance to the finals. The Spurs have plenty of experience and the team is playing at a very elite level this season.

NBA Playoff PredictionI think the veterans are well rested on the Spurs and the team seems like they’ve been on a mission all season. The Spurs will have home court advantage throughout the playoffs as well, which should help the older guys like Duncan. The Spurs are at +450 right now at most bookies to win the 2012 NBA Championship and I think they’re the best bet from the West.

• 2012 NBA Finals Predictions – San Antonio Spurs to beat the Chicago Bulls in 7 games

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