2012-13 NFL AFC Conference Odds & Picks

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Earlier this summer we discussed the 2012-2013 NFL Superbowl futures and this week we’re going to breakdown our analysis into the two conferences starting with the AFC. The odds to win the 2012 AFC Conference are from Pinnacle, as they have the best prices on the majority of teams. Americans can’t join Pinny and will need to bet on the AFC Conference futures at BetOnline.

Odds to Win the 2012 AFC Conference

New England Patriots+370 (4.70)
Houston Texans+596 (6.96)
Denver Broncos+678 (7.78)
Pittsburgh Steelers+812 (9.12)
Baltimore Ravens+825 (9.25)
New York Jets+1292 (13.92)
San Diego Chargers+1320 (14.20)
Cincinnati Bengals+1815 (19.15)
Miami Dolphins+1871 (19.71)
Buffalo Bills+2506 (26.06)
Kansas City Chiefs+2684 (27.84)
Tennessee Titans+2844 (29.44)
Oakland Raiders+3314 (34.14)
Cleveland Browns+7417 (75.17)
Indianapolis Colts+7607 (77.07)
Jacksonville Jaguars+7622 (77.22)

What Team Will Win the 2012 AFC Conference?

  • New England Patriots +370 (Last Season 13-3 & Won AFC)

Last season the New England Patriots won the AFC Conference after beating the Baltimore Ravens in the championship game and this year the Patriots are the favourites to repeat as champions. It’s going to be difficult for a team to beat New England in the AFC this season, as the team improved on both sides of the ball plus they also signed OC Josh McDaniels.

New England signed WR Brandon Lloyd to bolster the already explosive offence. Lloyd is familiar with McDaniels (Denver) and he should have a 1000+ yard season with Brady tossing him the football. The running game won’t be getting any better in NE, but the 3rd highest scoring offence last season (32.1 PPG) showed that they don’t need a running attack to win.

The biggest flaw for the Patriots last season was their secondary, but they have been working on that this off-season with some new personal in place. Giving up nearly 300 PYPG on average is unacceptable for one of the best teams in the NFL. I’m betting on the Patriots to win the AFC Conference Championship again at +370, as that’s the best odds I’m going to get.

Teams That Will Contend for the 2012 AFC Conference Title

  • Houston Texans +596 (Last Season 10-6)

Houston is a team that can win the AFC Conference, but they always seem to end up with a laundry list of injuries. Last year the team was being talked about as a Superbowl contender, but injuries killed those chances. The Texans are healthy to start this season and if they can remain healthy they have the talent to beat the Patriots in the playoffs.

Even with injuries the Texans scored 23.8 PPG (10th) and rushed for 153 YPG (2nd). The OL has been broken up and the big worry in Houston is whether or not their rushing attack will be as strong. Houston lost Mario Williams on defence, but even with the loss the Texans should have one of the best defences in the NFL this year just like they did last season.

  • Baltimore Ravens +825 (Last Season 12-4)

The Ravens missed a FG against the Pats last season to be eliminated in the AFC Championship Game, so they had to make this preview. However, the Ravens are a team in decline in my opinion. They didn’t bring in many new faces and the list of players that left Baltimore this off-season is pretty big. Terrell Suggs is injured and may miss the entire season as well for the Ravens.

I think Baltimore was a great team, but it was their defence that won them a lot of games. Joe Flacco is a mediocre QB at best in my opinion and I’m not a huge fan of him. The Ravens had a T10 running attack (124.8 RYPG) last season with Ray Rice, but with the defence expected to regress from last season’s numbers Baltimore needs more than a rushing attack.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers +812 (Last Season 12-4)

Pittsburgh is always a top team in the AFC and has to be considered again this season. The loss to Denver in the playoffs had to have stung the team and I think they’ll come out hungry this season looking for revenge. The talent level is still high, but no big names were signed during the off-season this year and that has to be a bit worrisome for futures bettors.

  • New York Jets +1292 (Last Season 8-8)

One of the two teams people are betting as an outsider is the Jets. New York signed Tebow and many expect Tebow to start in place of Sanchez once Sanchez falters in the first few weeks. I’m personally not betting on Tebow magic in New York this year, but if he does end up starting and the Jets turn things around there may be some decent hedge value to be had.

  • Denver Broncos +678 (Last Season 8-8)

Denver was lucky to make the playoffs last season and I don’t think they’ll even make the playoffs let alone with the AFC. I love that Denver signed Peyton Manning, but there is no way I’d bet on this future until you see how Manning looks in week 1. It’d be a shame to have a futures bet on the dismal Broncos only to see Manning go down with a neck injury in week 1 from a big hit.

2012-13 AFC Conference Predictions

  • AFC East Division Champion – New England Patriots
  • AFC North Division Champion – Pittsburgh Steelers
  • AFC South Division Champion – Houston Texans
  • AFC West Division Champion – San Diego Chargers
  • AFC Wild Card #1 – Denver Broncos
  • AFC Wild Card #2 Baltimore Ravens
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