2012-13 NFL Superbowl Odds & Predictions

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Online sportsbooks release odds on the Superbowl futures market as soon as the latest Super Bowl is over. This year 5Dimes was the 1st bookmaker to release 2012-13 NFL Superbowl futures odds, but other betting sites including Betonline have now also posted their futures odds. Continue reading through this guide for the latest 2013 Super Bowl odds and updated predictions.

Betting on NFL Super Bowl futures is very profitable for many bettors. Lots of bettors like this market because it provides them with action for the full season (Or most of the season if you lose) plus you don’t need to worry about point spreads. Simply pick the team/s you think will win the Superbowl and place your wager at 5Dimes or BetOnline.

Analyzing the 2012-13 NFL Superbowl Odds

The NFL preseason hasn’t even started yet, but people have been betting on the 2012-13 NFL Superbowl futures markets since February of this year and it’s never too early to analyze the odds. Futures odds bounce around like crazy during the off-season and sometimes betting the odds early will get you the best number while other times waiting a bit will get you the best odds.

Team5Dimes (Feb 2012)5Dimes (June 2012)BetOnline (June 2012)
Green Bay Packers+550+650+600
New England Patriots+725+650+635
Philadelphia Eagles+1300+1100+1150
Houston Texans+1000+1225+1200
San Francisco 49ers+1700+1300+1100
Denver Broncos+5000+1400+1200
New Orleans Saints+750+1500+1200
Pittsburgh Steelers+1300+1700+1150
New York Giants+1500+1900+1650
Baltimore Ravens+1450+2000+1600
Detroit Lions+2000+2300+2250
Dallas Cowboys+2000+2600+2500
San Diego Chargers+1900+2600+2600
Atlanta Falcons+2250+2700+2600
Chicago Bears+2750+3000+3500
New York Jets+2250+3200+3000
Cincinnati Bengals+4000+4100+4000
Carolina Panthers+3500+4500+5100
Kansas City Chiefs+3500+4800+5000
Seattle Seahawks+5000+7000+4800
Washington Redskins+5000+7000+6000
Buffalo Bills+6000+7100+5800
Tennessee Titans+3500+7500+6000
Arizona Cardinals+4900+8000+5500
Miami Dolphins +3500+8500+4000
St. Louis Rams+6000+9000+8500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+5000+9000+12000
Oakland Raiders+4400+10000+7250
Indianapolis Colts+5000+14000+15000
Jacksonville Jaguars+6500+20000+16500
Minnesota Vikings+4500+21000+12500
Cleveland Browns+6500+22000+15000

2012-13 NFL Superbowl Top Contenders

The bookies feel that there are two top contenders this season in the NFL fighting for the Superbowl. Obviously there are more teams with a great chance if they can make the 2012-13 NFL Playoffs, but the two top teams are the Packers and Patriots. At the start of the off-season the Saints were among the favourites to win the 2012-13 Super Bowl, but their odds have been dropping.

  • Green Bay Packers – Best Odds +650 at 5Dimes (Bet $100 win $650)

Green Bay is the early favourite to win the 2012-13 Superbowl along with the Patriots. Green Bay went 15-1 last season, but what matters is the playoffs and the Packers were eliminated in their 1st game (2nd Round) against the Giants (37-20). The Packers had to fix some holes on defence and they did a good job this off-season picking up free agents and during the draft.

The Packers added some depth to their defence in the draft including 1st round pick Nick Perry (USC) and 2nd round pick Jarel Worthy (MSU). Losing C Scott Wells hurt initially, but GB went out and signed veteran Jeff Saturday. Rodgers and Saturday will be able to get on the same page before the season begins and the Packers should have a high flying offence again in 2012-13.

  • New England Patriots – Best Odds +650 at 5Dimes (Bet $100 win $650)


New England finished last season with a 13-3 overall record, which was good enough to win the AFC East. This season the Pats should have some more competition in their division, but they should still win the AFC East again. Tom Brady is going to have an incredible amount of great WR’s to pass to this season in New England including newly signed WR Brandon Lloyd.

The Patriots lost in the 2011-12 Superbowl last season to the Giants, but they went out and signed a ton of players. Belicheck has done a great job bringing in new talent and veteran leadership. Some of the players signed by NE apart from Lloyd during the off-season include Tony Fiammetta, Jonathan Fanene, Robert Gallery, Bobby Carpenter, Joseph Addai, Gaffney and Stallworth.

New England also gave Welker the franchise tag during the off-season. There is no doubt that the Packers and Patriots have the most talent this season, but that doesn’t always translate to winning in the Superbowl. The odds have been steady on these two teams for the most part this off-season, but I would bet on these teams now if you like either of them.

2012-13 NFL Superbowl Contenders

I want to take a quick look at some of the contenders this year in the NFL that could make the playoffs. Once you make the NFL playoffs it’s possible to win out the rest of the games regardless of talent level. These contenders offer much more value in the 2012-13 NFL Super Bowl futures betting market and shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Philadelphia Eagles – Best Odds +1150 at BetOnline (Bet $100 win $1150)

Philadelphia only went 8-8 last season and they didn’t even make the playoffs yet they’re amongst the favourites to win the Super Bowl this season. Initially the Eagles were paying +1300, but the odds are now down to +1100. The Eagles re-signed WR DeSean Jackson during the off-season and improved their defence through the draft, but I don’t think they’re contenders.

  • Houston Texans – Best Odds +1225 at 5Dimes (Bet $100 win $1225)

The Texans odds have actually gotten better during the off-season because noone is betting on them. The Texans did lose their superstar DE Mario Williams, but bettors are overreacting. Houston went 10-6 last season and won the AFC South despite having to deal with more injuries than almost every other team. Without injuries the Texans will be a dangerous team this year.

  • San Francisco 49’ers – Best Odds +1300 at 5Dimes (Bet $100 win $1300)

San Francisco surprised plenty of bettors last season by going 13-3, but this is a great team that’s coached very well. The 49’ers re-signed most of their talent including QB Alex Smith during the off-season plus the team also signed WR’s Mario Manningham and Randy Moss during the off-season to bolster their air attack. Look for the 49’ers to make a playoff run again this year.

  • Denver Broncos – Best Odds +1400 at 5Dimes (Bet $100 win $1400)

The AFC West was wild last season. Tim Tebow came in for the Broncos and led the team to the playoffs. Denver signed Peyton this off-season and the Broncos have been in the media more than any other team. Denver is a much better team with Manning, but don’t expect the Broncos to come into the 2012-13 season and win the Superbowl in New Orleans.

  • New Orleans Saints – Best Odds +1500 at 5Dimes (Bet $100 win $1500)

New Orleans had a great season where they went 13-3 last season. The Saints lost in the 2nd round to the hot 49’ers team, but this year you can get value on their 2012-13 Superbowl futures odds because of the coaching suspensions. The Saints will either play like last season or they’ll falter under the media spotlight (Suspensions) and have a horrendous season.

2012-13 NFL Superbowl Early Bets

The New York Giants won Superbowl XLVI, but the bookies don’t fancy the Giants to repeat in 2012-13. The odds have actually been drifting out on the Giants 2012-13 Super Bowl futures since being released last February. Typically when a team repeats in the NFL they have a great dynasty team, but the Giants have had several big off-season moves that will hurt them.

So far bettors have been betting on the Patriots the most up to this point. The Patriots odds have been dropping steadily and they’re now favourites to win the 2012-13 Superbowl. Out of the two top contenders I think betting on both of them is a good bet right now at +650 odds, as you’ll be able to trade out of these bets later in the season.

The team that has been moving the most at the top of the market early on has been the 49’ers. At some shops in Las Vegas the 49’ers are actually the favourites in the 2012-13 NFL Superbowl futures market. The odds have been dropping on the 49’ers a lot already and if you like San Francisco you need to bet on them now before the odds get even shorter.

The biggest longshot mover in the futures market has been the Broncos. In February 5Dimes were offering +5000 on Denver to win the 2013 Superbowl, but with the signing of Peyton Manning during the off-season the Broncos are only +1400. I don’t think the Broncos will have enough supporting talent for Manning and I don’t advise a bet on them.

Right now it’s still early during the off-season and preseason games haven’t even started. The teams above are the hot teams in the Superbowl futures market right now and should be bet on right away. The rest of the teams’ odds have been drifting and you can wait until the beginning of the season to wager on other teams. We’ll be updating this page with the latest odds and updates to our predictions leading up to the 2012-13 NFL regular season.

Where Can I Bet On the 2012-13 NFL Superbowl?

We recommend betting on the 2012-13 NFL Superbowl at 5Dimes or BetOnline. Both bookmakers accept US bettors and have great sign-up bonuses during the NFL season. 5Dimes has better odds on most of the futures markets including the Superbowl, so make sure if you’re betting the teams above you get the best possible odds.

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